The Immortals

I really enjoyed this book. Jordanna Brodsky has an amazing depth of knowledge about Greek mythology* and really did a great job merging ancient mythology with a modern world setting. The main character (Selene, aka Artemis) is interesting and well developed. The story pacing was great, and the payoff in the end didn’t seem forced or hurried. Passes the Bechtel test easily, even with a strong romantic element to the tale. Definitely rated T for Teen due to some sexuality and graphic violence. Overall a great read and highly recommended for anyone who enjoys the “magical modern” genre. I’m sure there’s an official term for it but I’m too lazy to look it up right now. 😉

(* Or at least she appears to. I didn’t actually check her mythology, but it’s she’s faking it she did a great job at that too. Hee!)

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