Boss Fight: The Twenty-Sided Sorceress Volume 2

 The second collected books in the saga of the Twenty-Sided Sorceress brings the series to a close in a climactic battle with the BBEG evil ex-boyfriend.  I really enjoyed the first part of the series but I have to admit that the second part seemed… rushed? The pace seemed to move at almost breakneck speed and I really feel that a lot of opportunity was missed here. It felt a lot like a D&D game where the DM had a great concept and a lot of build up but somewhere lost the story.

The BBEG guy makes his assault and is super bad. Heroine discovers her amazing magical background, returns and kicks his ass. Game over, no big deal. It’s like she spent so much time worrying about taking on a high level boss that she accidentally leveled past it and came back to find it barely a challenge. Sure, sure it wasn’t written that way but that’s the feeling I got. There was also a lost opportunity to really expand on this world Annie Bellet had created, and to fully flesh out the character of the main villain.

The subplot with the werewolves and the great peace was actually more riveting than the main plot, imho.

I guess what I’m saying is that the strong character development, good pace, and a sense of growing apprehension were not given the depth they were due at the end. Overall still a good series but I think it could have been stronger in the second half.